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Khud0's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 60 (From 14 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,065 Points

BulletHell Adventure

Welcome to the island Unlocked 4/3/16
5 Points
Play for first time
First Buy 5 Points buy your frist upgrade in shop
I will reborn 5 Points Die 3 times and play again
Combo Master 10 Points Make a total of x10 combo
Money Maker 10 Points Collect 20k money
Monster killer 1 10 Points kill a total of 50 monsters in game
Special strikes 10 Points make more than 100 special strikes
Star collector 10 Points collect 20 or more stars
Upgrade complete 10 Points Complete all upgrades in shop
Critical Hits 25 Points Make more than 100 critical hits
Critical Hits 2 25 Points Make more than 300 critical hits
Forest Complete 25 Points kill the first boss
Money Maker 2 25 Points Collect 50k money
Monster killer 2 25 Points kill a total of 500 monsters in game
Star collector 2 25 Points collect 50 or more stars
Volcano Complete 25 Points kill the second boss
Combo Master 2 50 Points Make a total of x30 combo
Sea Complete 50 Points kill the third boss
Star collector 3 50 Points collect 100 stars
Coming Home 100 Points Complete all the game

Medals Earned: 1/20 (5/500 points)

Cripple Cannon

Research Stage 1 Complete Unlocked 4/5/17
5 Points
complete Research Stage 1
Research Stage 2 Complete 10 Points complete Research Stage 2
Research Stage 3 Complete 25 Points complete Research Stage 3

Medals Earned: 1/3 (5/40 points)

Dandy Cave Explorer

We're halfway there Unlocked 4/10/16
10 Points
Reach level 20
Treasure Hunter 50 Points Complete the game
Maniac Run 100 Points Beat the game without loading or dying once. Good luck...

Medals Earned: 1/3 (10/160 points)

Dark Bullet

Asteroid 5 Unlocked 4/24/16
5 Points
destroyed 5 asteroids
Bullet 100 Unlocked 4/24/16
5 Points
Shoot 100 bullets
Bullet 50 Unlocked 4/24/16
5 Points
Shoot 50 bullets
Destroyed Asteroid Unlocked 4/24/16
5 Points
Destroyed an asteroid
Survive 15 Unlocked 4/24/16
5 Points
Survive for 15 seconds
Survive 5 Unlocked 4/24/16
5 Points
Survive for 5 seconds
Asteroid 10 Unlocked 4/24/16
10 Points
destroyed 10 asteroids
Asteroid 25 Unlocked 4/24/16
10 Points
destroyed 25 asteroids
Bullet 250 Unlocked 4/24/16
10 Points
Shoot 250 bullets
Bullet 500 Unlocked 4/24/16
10 Points
Shoot 500 bullets
Survive 50 Unlocked 4/24/16
10 Points
Survive for 50 seconds
Asteroid 50 Unlocked 4/24/16
25 Points
destroyed 50 asteroids
Bullet 1000 Unlocked 4/24/16
25 Points
Shoot 1000 bullets
Survive 100 Unlocked 4/24/16
25 Points
Survive for 100 seconds
Survive 150 Unlocked 4/24/16
50 Points
Survive for 150 seconds
Survive 300 Unlocked 4/24/16
100 Points
Survive for 300 seconds

Medals Earned: 16/16 (305/305 points)


You Enjoy That Too Much Unlocked 4/10/16
5 Points
Died 100 times in one session!
Seriously You Enjoy Dying Way Too Much 10 Points Died 250 times in one session... jees that is some dying.
You Did It, You Saved Christmas! 50 Points You didn't save Christmas... but you beat the game, good going!

Medals Earned: 1/3 (5/65 points)


Rookie Unlocked 6/4/16
10 Points
10 levels completed
Mac Skill 50 Points 30 levels completed
hitBox Rocker 100 Points game finished... yaaay

Medals Earned: 1/3 (10/160 points)

LARRY: Big Dipper

Angry Rock Basher Unlocked 4/3/16
25 Points
destroy 10 boulders in a single Rage
Falling Toilet Unlocked 4/3/16
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Nice And Healthy Unlocked 4/4/16
25 Points
Collect all health orbs in a single run
Rageaholic Unlocked 4/4/16
25 Points
Collect all rage orbs in a single run
Falling Llama Unlocked 4/3/16
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Free Faller Unlocked 4/3/16
50 Points
survive for 3 minutes
Hungry Hungry Homer Unlocked 4/3/16
100 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Gem Collector 25 Points Collect all 10 gems in a single run
Glutton for Recovery 25 Points use every antitode orb to recover from poisoning in a single run
Massive Damage 50 Points Destroy 20 boulders in a single Rage
Badass Dipper 100 Points Reach the bottom of the Giant Pit

Medals Earned: 7/11 (300/500 points)

LARRY: Gnomergeddon

Gnome Assassin Unlocked 4/6/16
50 Points
Kill 25 Medium Gnomes
Ice Cracker Unlocked 4/4/16
50 Points
Kill a Gnome Ice Mage
Lil Gnome Thumper Unlocked 4/6/16
50 Points
Kill 50 small gnomes
Power Puncher Unlocked 4/4/16
50 Points
Kill a Gnome Power Mage
Pot Shot Larry 10 Points Kill 10 Gnomes in a row using only your Sling
Anger MisManagement 25 Points Kill 30 Gnomes in a single level in one burst of Rage
Corpse Looter 50 Points collect 10 gems
Down-Whacks are Crack 50 Points Kill every Gnome in a level using only Sprint Leap Attacks
Miner Muncher 100 Points Kill 5 Gnome Miners

Medals Earned: 4/9 (200/435 points)

LARRY: Pup Run

Barely Broken Unlocked 4/3/16
5 Points
Smash through a brick wall and survive!
Crushing Victory 5 Points break 20 hurdles in a single run
Doug Mount 10 Points find and ride Doug, the town drunk!
Fresh and Fruity 10 Points eat a super rare Pineapple!
Hungry Muncher 10 Points Eat 50 pieces of fruit in a single run
Super Dog 10 Points Ride Pup at full speed, uninterrupted for 10 seconds
Closest Shave Ever 25 Points Jump over 5 spinning blades in a single Run

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/75 points)

Mine Blocks

Open Inventory Unlocked 5/22/16
5 Points
You can craft or see your items in Mine Blocks.
Place Block Unlocked 5/22/16
5 Points
Now you can build things
Blacksmith 5 Points Use an anvil!
Brew a Potion 5 Points Use the potion stand to make a potion!
Crafting Table 5 Points Enlarges the crafting area
Eat Food 5 Points Say "omnomnom" while you do that!
Fire a Bow 5 Points This is much cooler than using a sword!
Fish a Fish 5 Points Catch a fish with a fishing rod!
Furnace 5 Points Furnaces will burn and smelt items
Grow Tree 5 Points They're a renewable resource.
Grow Wheat 5 Points Next up, carrots and potatoes!
Iron Ingot 5 Points Use a furnace, coal, and iron ore to make iron ingots!
Iron Pickaxe 5 Points You can now mine diamonds... sparkle sparkle!
Kill a Blaze 5 Points They will shoot fireballs at you like crazy!
Kill a Cow 5 Points Leather can be made into the first tier of armor
Kill a Creeper 5 Points They explode if you fail!
Kill a Flaming Chicken 5 Points Nothing's worse than a chicken with attitude.
Kill a Magma Cube 5 Points But they're so warm and cuddly!
Kill a Nethereye 5 Points They pretty much will freak you out until you do anyway
Kill a Pig 5 Points Pigs drop pork, and you eat pork to live
Kill a Sheep 5 Points Bahhh! They drop wool.
Kill a Skeleton 5 Points They will shoot arrows at you if you don't
Kill a Slime 5 Points Just make sure to wash you hands after!
Kill a Spider 5 Points They can climb walls
Kill a Zombie 5 Points Careful though - you might need a sword
Kill a Zombie Pigman 5 Points They typically attack in groups!
Mine Wood 5 Points Wood is used in the most important crafting recipes!
Open Door with Wiring 5 Points Open a door with redstone or a pressure plate!
Return to Sender 5 Points Reflect a ghast's fireball back at itself!
Stone Pickaxe 5 Points With this, you can also mine iron and make an iron pickaxe!
Tame a Dog 5 Points They'll be your best friends in the world!
Teleport 5 Points Use an enderpearl to teleport!
Torches 5 Points Torches will light up the dark
Use a Bed 5 Points Sleep is time travel!
Wooden Pickaxe 5 Points Use this to mine stone and coal
Kill an Enderman 10 Points They teleport, are fast, and do a lot of damage. Good luck!
Make Cake 10 Points I'm not lying!
Make Portal Stone 10 Points The next step is going to the nether
Mine Diamonds 10 Points You can't be much fancier than a diamond pickaxe!
Mine Gold 10 Points It's a pretty fancy ore!
Mine Obsidian 10 Points Mix water into pure lava!
Unlock Ender Portal 10 Points Interstellar warping may occur.
Slay the Ender Dragon 100 Points Congratulations! You beat the first boss in Mine Blocks!

Medals Earned: 2/43 (10/345 points)